About Us

In Your Space Boutique is a unique, one of a kind, one stop shop that puts our consumers wellbeing first by promoting a confident self and a healthier planet.

In 2019, Ana Ramos founded the In Your Space Boutique as a veteran-owned online based entrepreneurship designed to let everyone of all personalities confidently express who they are with a wide variety of clothing, accessories, and products.

In the overwhelming and chaotic times we live in, be it work, family, school, or even our own mindset, it has become increasingly difficult for people to find their own self-identity amidst the pressure to conform to everyone else’s standards. It is our vision to create a business that allows our customers to shop in their own safe space, with their values and ideals in mind, and express who they are with their own unique style. In Your Space Boutique is meant to motivate others to dress how they want, without worrying about other people’s thoughts or opinions. As our motto says, ‘Be Yourself, Express Yourself’, if you are confident in what you wear, it's okay to be simple, flamboyant, overdressed or underdressed, so long as you like how you feel about yourself, that's what matters most. While helping customers to express themselves externally, we also encourage the importance of understanding one’s self-awareness, in knowing yourself and being yourself, because we know that people look best when they are confident in who they are and the styles we provide help highlight your individuality further.

We understand that in addition to one’s mindset, taking care of the Earth is just as important to our wellbeing. The Earth is the only place where we live, where we play, and most importantly it’s where we can be ourselves. That is why when you purchase from In Your Space Boutique, we use eco-friendly shipping methods that reduces the waste sent to landfills, to deliver the styles you love to your doorstep.

So, keep in mind, whether you’re browsing, shopping, or just coming up with ideas, In Your Space Boutique is designed to allow you to be who you are and show it, and help take care of the environment while you’re at it! Maintaining a positive outlook on yourself and the world around you is important to us and that’s why when you’re here we promise that we will always have your best interest in mind, you.


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